The heart and at the same time the control center of this site is the “Manage Your Virtual Hosts” page. Here you can see all the websites you have created.

Don’t have a website yet? Just press the orange plus (new website) and you will be forwarded to a dialog.

If you want to change a website that has already been created, click the green “edit” icon.

To delete a website, simply press the “delete” icon (red garbage can) behind the website you want to delete.


Each user may save a maximum of 5 websites.
The maximum size of a website is limited to 200 MB so that our server can handle the amount of data.

If you exceptionally need more websites or space, please contact the administrator.

WordPress plugins and themes

For security reasons, the use of plugins and themes is strictly limited.

Please try to create your website with the basic possibilities of WordPress, if you absolutely need a certain plugin or theme, you can write your administrator, he will try to help.