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Projects of the group members @ Molecular Microbiology


The individual projects of our research group are shown below. Each member of the research group is working on individual scientific aims either as postdoctoral research associate, PhD student, or MSc student.
Topics range from bacterial gene expression, exopolymer synthesis, and protein secretion in the model organism, Pseudomonas syringae, via quorum sensing and multidrug efflux systems of Erwinia amylovora, to marine bacteria-diatom interactions and biofilm formation mechanisms as well as magrove-associated bacterial nitrogen-fixation and biotech research for space flights.

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Khaled Abdallah, PhD student, Analysis of the role of LscR in different Pseudomonas species

Neha Kumari
Neha Kumari, PhD student “COMETA”, Proteome analysis of cocoa beans

Warren J

Warren John, PhD student “COMETA”, Fermentation analysis of cocoa beans


Veronika Will, PhD student, Cell-to-cell interactions and signalling of marine bacteria with diatoms

Ben Application

Benjamin Gillard, PhD student, Impact of deep sea mining on pelagic-benthic coupling in the CCF zone


Candice Thorstenson, PhD student, Impact of Environmental Changes on the Bacterial Community Dynamics of the Pacific Oyster, Crassostraea gigas, and Distribution of Pathogenic Vibrio species

Nina Böttcher(2014)
Nina Böttcher, Technician “COMETA” Project- and Lab administration, Sample receiving, distribution, preparation and analysis

Maike Last _ 2014(WEB)
Maike Last, Technician Lab Microbiology General lab management

Maria 0510

Maria Johansson, PhD student, Analysis of stress responses of micro-algae during space flight

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