PhD thesis defenses

Pictures PhD thesis defenses – Group Ullrich

PhD thesis defense 2016 – 

Dr Khaled Abdallah defended his PhD thesis on the transcriptional regulation of levansucrase genes in the plant pathogen, Pseudomonas syringae, on August 19, 2016.



PhD thesis defenses 2015 –

Dr. Ahmed Rezk received his PhD degree in 2015. He worked on the isolation and characterization of bioactive substances from Rhododendron under guidance of Prof. Dr. Klaudia Brix and Matthias Ullrich.



PhD thesis defenses 2013 –
Marmic students with Prof. Ullrich and Prof. Glöckner Ingrid Torres Monroy wiht President Peitgen

Marmoc PhD_2013-276x217     2013_Ingrid u Pres-273x228

PhD thesis defense 2013 – S. Khandekar

PhD Thesis Defense Shaunak 2013        Doktorhut Shaunak 2013

PhD thesis defense 2010 – A. Gärdes

2010 PhD Astrid 1   2010 PhD Astrid 2

PhD thesis defense 2009 – P. Khalilpour

image001_1   image002_6

PhD thesis defense 2009 – D. Zhurina

image003_6      image004_2

PhD thesis defense 2009 – N. Al-Karablieh

image005_1                      image006_1

PhD thesis defense 2007 – Y. Braun

image007_1       image008_1

PhD thesis defense 2006 – A.Wensing

image009_1      image010_1

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